Local Businesses Need To Design a Loyalty Program

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In today's economy rewarding your loyal customers is very important. That is to say, it is critical that you make a special effort to ensure your frequent customers feel good about visiting your business. Without repeat customers who provide a large share of a firm's sales you will not survive very long. Those past customers are the low-hanging fruit for every business, both easier to attract and keep. Businesses suggest that 90 percent of sales should come from existing customers and loyalty programs really do help in retaining your existing customer base.

Many airlines and hotels have adapted to loyalty programs. Most Loyalty programs cost the actual business little to implement. Yet, they all have substantial value to many and to all frequent travelers. Businesses that have successfully set up a loyalty program that makes their customers feel good about their frequent purchases will get additional revenue.

We believe that most consumers are now motivated by merchants that are going to give the best loyalty points. 365 Loyalty holds multiple of merchants on one card. Most consumers will visit the site before shopping to determine which business will give them the best deal as a member of the card. The 365 Loyalty program not only retained customers but it brought in new business as well.

We believe the merchants giving great incentives for holding the 365 Loyalty card will be who the consumers choose to spend money with more often. This is what really determines the success of loyalty programs. The consumer should be able to see the value every time they use it. Members who possess the 365 Loyalty card are able to access the website to see the points they have accumulated with each vendor.

Winn-Dixie and Pet Smart are two other companies that get it. They print the savings right there on the bottom of the receipt so customers can see it every time they use their loyalty cards.

Now go out and make sure that you have a program in place to reward your loyal customers. And remember to build your loyalty program in such a way that customers can see the returns every time they interact with your business.

The 365Loyalty card is a multi merchant loyalty and rewards card. Visit 365 Loyalty today and see where you can save money and accumulate reward points. Merchants reward your customers for loyalty at your usiness our program pays for itself and makes you money.

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Local Businesses Need To Design a Loyalty Program

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This article was published on 2010/11/04