Earth-friendly Loyalty Cards

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Businesses are seeking loyal customers in this economic downturn, which can be a difficult process. One method that businesses are using to attract and retain customers is loyalty cards. Merely providing a card is not enough in today's competitive market. Many companies are choosing more earth-friendly cards to show that the company is concerned about its customers, as well as the environment. Eco-friendly loyalty cards are made of recycled materials, cardboard, paper or other biodegradable substances. These products are durable and professional, and they can be used with laser and digital printers. With the same quality, but a large reduction of a company's carbon footprint, these products speak directly to buyers about where a business places its priorities. Consumers are even more likely to be loyal to companies that choose to operate responsibly.

The loyalty card is used by many different types businesses. Salons, supermarkets, wholesale clubs, airlines, bookstores, beauty stores, restaurants and even coffee shops are looking for an easy and environmentally-conscious way to give discounts and other promotional information to their clients. Consumers are deciding where they will do business based on many factors, not just based on the lowest price. Many people are concerned about the policies of the companies they patronize. Loyalty cards are a convenient way to keep customers coming back by offering special rewards, savings, notifying customers of exclusive sales and generally opening the lines of communication about policies. Eco-friendly loyalty cards prove to buyers that a certain organization is detail-oriented and concerned about the future of the business and the future of the environment.

Many people and businesses are seeking ways to decrease the use of chemicals, decrease the output of toxins, and increase the use of biodegradable materials. It seems that almost everyone talks about the reduction of carbon footprints. Customers are faithfully returning to products that are non-toxic and seeking companies that use earth-friendly materials that are also high-quality. Although there is an emphasis on saving the environment, clients are not willing to sacrifice quality. Going green is an issue that is close to the hearts of many buyers, and they love to consume high-end, earth-friendly items. They want to be sure that they can feel good about the products they are using. Consumers want to know that the items they are buying are safe for their families, pets and the environment. Assuring the market that a product is safe, reliable and green is a huge part of consumer loyalty, and green loyalty cards are an easy method to accomplish that goal.
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Earth-friendly Loyalty Cards

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This article was published on 2011/04/16